And he did. He totally got me. I thought he’s really done with dinner. [x]


YAY! Another Giveaway! Thanks Alex for the awesome graphic! This is a smaller giveaway, as I will be leaving for Nepal soon (where I will be spending 4 months teaching English to children at a monastery). 


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  • Ends October 20th 2014, 5pm EST

1 Grand Prize Winner:

25 SPN Trading Cards ($4.99)

1 Pair Team Free Will Earrings ($8.00)

Samulet Necklace ($9.99)

Chevy Impala Model Car ($19.99)

Anti-possession Decal ($8.99)

Pentagram Locket Necklace ($12.99)

Pentagram Bracelet ($5.00)

Custom Graphic by Alex

Custom Ficlet by Josh

2 Runner Ups:

15 SPN Trading Cards ($2.50)

Samulet Necklace ($9.99)

Anti-possession Decal ($8.99)

Pentagram Bracelet ($5.00)

Other Stuff:

*By entering you agree to give me your full name/address - I will never give this out to anyone else! Also, if you are under 18 you must have your parents permission to give me this information!

I will ship anywhere in the world at no cost to you, so everyone is welcome to enter :)

One reblog = One entry (please don’t spam your followers! Limit to once or twice a day!)

Winners will be chosen using a random number generator

If you are interested in contributing a fic/graphic/artwork or other prize to the giveaway, contact me! You’re blog/shop name will be added to this post as well as to my blog!

Winning my tumblr awards will give you additional entries!

I love you all! Good luck!


((Click on it for full screen…))

What Cas does after Sam finds out he and Dean have been fucking… :3




Raise your hand if you’re straddling the line between crippling anxiety and not giving any fucks about anything


*ugly crying*


Sims text posts part 2

part 1